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  1. Mata Hari

From the recording Grave Intentions

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I’m blending in
like a chameleon.
A shapeshifting reptilian
shedding skin like a snake in sheep’s clothing.
And depending on
the situation I’m in
I’m playing hide and seek with myself
'cuz when I’m someone else
it’s like I’m on a vacation.

Not everybody wants the truth.
Some of us gotta lie to be loved.

What nice a surprise.
I got a new disguise.
I’m hypnotized by that look in your eyes
but paralyzed thinking maybe you see me.
To me it’s all a game
so if you want to take aim
you better be shooting straight
'cuz you can’t place blame on a moving target.

So who you going to believe?
Me? Or the one you perceive?
That’s not a heart on my sleeve.
It’s a way to deceive you
like a sneak movie preview.
And will you ever find out
what I'm all about?
Probably never I doubt
because I'm wearing a mask
on this expressionless face to boot.
Well, I'm just out to impress.
To leave an impression, I guess,
because I want all my guests
to be obsessed with the questions
they already have answers to.
Damn, I could do this all day
but I don't have time to play
so if you want a parlay
you better walk this way
or run to your hiding place.
And, yeah, it's all a big tease
but, hey, you look good on your knees
when the camera's just right
and the angle's so tight
you can't turn to talk to me.
So what I'm trying to say,
what I'm really trying to convey,
is that you will never know who you're talking to.