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  1. Criminal Kind

From the recording Grave Intentions

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It’s the darkness I seek
and in shadows I find
the weakest parts of myself
where I awaken my mind.

I’m the criminal kind.

I was born into sin.
A sinner with nowhere to go.
There’s a demon within me.
He's the devil you know.

I’d rather reap then sow and toe
some boring moral lines
than keep on biting my tongue to slow
these mortal appetites.

So let there be light
in this hell we know
and we can dance with angels
in our heaven below.

I hope it rains on your parade
and all the witches float
so I can watch you fade away
from my optimist boat.
And as you’re sinking you’ll see me
still pissing vinegar
on the heads of those drowning
now that the tides have turned.